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fire and flames. the fuel, plastic containers used to transport fruits and vegetables to processing plants. fire officials explain why it was such a tough tough fire to fight. >> the issue is just this is, it is similar to a tire fire because it is a hydrocarbon based product that is burning. it puts off very intense heat. so it just takes a lot of water and a lot of time. >> reporter: the company would only say that none of its 45 employees were hurt for which it's most grateful. fire units from all over the area including the big foam trucks from travis air force base responded and finally won the battle. back live a huge remnant of the cloud city hoovers for miles above the scene, slowly dissipating with the air current. here down below on the ground, an awful toxic mess that will have to be cleaned up and
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cleaned up soon. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. now again that fire started about 3.5 hours ago. i want to show you more live pictures now from news chopper 2 which is overhead. you can see there is not nearly as much smoke as it was earlier. although there is still pretty decent amount of smoke but at its height there was so much thick black smoke that you can literally see it for miles. we continue our coverage with sal castaneda. >> reporter: we're standing in this neighborhood here which is a mile west of where the fire is. you can see these houses, a little bit earlier people were outside looking at it and along the street people have been showing up to stand here and watch. since early this afternoon, people have been drawn to the fire but have been kept away by police. many say they have never seen a cloud like this, some standing
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near the fire have seen debris falling from the sky. this man had little white specks on his t shirt. >> sometimes little pieces of it fall on you and they put a little burn on you. >> reporter: people started to get nervous as the fire flaired up. >> i'm on my way up. i don't know it could get worse. >> reporter: throughout the afternoon, people in fairfield described the eerie feeling the big cloud put over their city. >> i was just coming out of the mall and i just saw the clouds blocking out the sun. me and my friends we decided might as well find out where it's from. >> reporter: they stopped on this side street where many people could get a good view. >> we came down air base parkway. went past it and we came here where we could see it from a distance. >> reporter: leslie williams could see the fire clearly from her front lawn. in her mind she had an evacuation plan just in case. >> i said well we're going to stay here right now. if it hits the grass, we'll get all of our family photos and go to somebody elses house. >> reporter: now i want to show you it had been a nice clear
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afternoon, that looks like fog or clouds from a rainstorm but that's just all the left over smoke that is clearly visible throughout most of solano county. this fire was visible for miles and miles. but the people who live in these neighborhoods are worried that what comes up will eventually come down. some people in this neighborhood got calls to shelter in place. looks like people have gone inside. sal castaneda, ktvu news. >> sal was showing us that thick black smoke going into the sky throughout the afternoon. let's go to bill martin to tell us what winds are doing now. >> reporter: there's some good news out there, the first thing that was good news today was that inversion. the atmospheric layer was about 3,000 feet high out in the fire zone. this is the fair field picture live. the inversion was 3,000 feet. at the top of the inversion the smoke got stuck and once it was
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out there, the particulate started to fall. that is enough to get a shelter in place. because if you have asthma, or an elderly or young, particulates like that can give you issues. this picture was taken just about an hour and a half ago, you can see look at the bottom plume. see that plume, you can actually see the inversion. the smoke is blowing to the north. when it gets to 3,000 feet it's going to stack up and blow the other way. that big dark cloud is full of particular matter that is not good for you. the winds are increasing, they have increased. they've almost doubled out in the same area in the next hour or so. the next two hours are going to increase. that big black thing of smoke is going to start to blow out and disburse. in the next few hours that big plume at 3,000 feet is going to get a big push of marine air
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and a big push of wind and should begin to disburse into the central valley. our john sasaki was our first reporter on the scene. he sent us back very dramatic pictures. we'll show you one now. he was close enough to feel the heat of the fire when he took this picture. you can see the flames down at the bottom of the screen. all that smoke that was pouring for about three hours this afternoon. our coverage is going to continue throughout this show. john is going to join us at 5:30 to tell us what it was like early on. we will also have more of his photos to show you. we will also go to the scene later tonight. police are still looking for two men who fired at a police officer last night. ktvu got this scene of officers
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deploying from an armoured truck. it's a story we first broke on the 10:00 news. rob roth is live in moraga and tell us where things stand right now. >> frank, we're just outside rancho laguna park in moraga. last night's shooting and today's search took place several miles back beyond those hills. the search was called off at about 2:30 this afternoon without finding anything. authorities say they will be returning. news chopper 2 took these pictures late this morning as the special response unit traveled in this area in an armoured vehicle. the special team made of specially trained officers and deputies from the alameda sheriff's unit and a police dog moved cautiously. >> it's been our experience that we're dealing with probably the mexican cartel. >> reporter: last night a regional park officer had to be rescued after he exchanged
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gunfire with multiple people while on patrol out at the park. the officer remained uninjured. >> you're dealing with a situation where you could have armed individuals, so we had our s.w.a.t. team out there and they are very methodically on how they search the ground. >> reporter: the team looked for anyone injured in the gunfire. authorities say they found find two or three pot grows a year in the area. >> this is generally off limits to the public. the conditions are good for them to grow there. >> reporter: reporting live in moraga, ktvu news. >> a lot of people who live in
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the moraga area say they were taking by surprise by today's search. some hikers and residents told ktvu when the heavily search team, they thought an army had landed at their neighborhood. and robert handa is going to tell us what happens next. >> i'm standing on what is usually one of the busiest roads in the south bay but not right now. the burned big rig is now being removed from the divider. the traffic is impacting traffic in both directions. there's no traffic going eastbound, you can also see on the westbound side going toward san francisco, about 45 minutes ago the california highway patrol opened up one lane and it is jammed with commuters. according to the chp, the big
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rig was traveling eastbound at about 3:15 p.m. when it crashed on to the concrete center divider. the chp says witnesses saw what caused the accident. >> a big rig tire blew out the truck lost control, and then overturned trapping the driver and then subsequently caught fire. and he was trapped inside or she we don't know yet we're still investigating that and there's a possibility of another victim as well. >> you know who the truck belongs to, the big rig belongs to. >> i don't, i don't know any of that information yet. when i was up there looking at it it was a pretty horrific scene. >> reporter: it has been a horrific scene but i was just told that the coroners office believes there was only one person, the driver inside. but they also point out that they are still going through the wreckage. the california highway patrol says it may open up more lanes in about an hour.
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live in sunny vale, robert handa. 40-year-old goodwin lu graduated from uc berkeley. governor brown expressed his confidence in his nominee. >> mr. lu will be a great addition to the california supreme court. there's no doubt in my mind that he has the background, the intellect, and the vision to really help our california supreme court be again one of the great courts of the country. >> reporter: president obama nominated lu to the ninth circuit court of appeals but republicans blocked that nomination. if approved, he would replace moreno. some united state postoffices may will closing.
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the u.s. postal service unveiled a list of 3,700 postoffices across the country that could potentially be shut down. san francisco's bay view postoffice is one of those on the chopping block. postal officials say more and more people are using e-mail and electronic transaction instead of paper mail. the agency lost $8 billion last year. that's almost three times as the year before. >> about 50% of our bills are being paid online now. so, you know that's revenue that's lost i mean that was basically our bread and butter. >> 13 bay area postoffices could be closed in san francisco, oakland, san jose and on the peninsula. the postal service will hold public meetings before making any final decisions. the congress department revealed new home sale totals. for the second month in a row, home prices were up in 16 of the 20 largest cities.
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housing remains the weakest part of the u.s. economy. and worries about the debt limit pushed stocks lower today. bottom line here the dow jones industrial average closed off 92 points. the nasdaq fell three points. it's a mad scramble. the bay area football teams are swinging into action. what they're doing to get their players back on to the field. >> and i'm back here in less than 10 minute, we're going to talk about a warm up headed to your city.
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returning now to breaking news from southern california. we are just getting word of a statewide amber alert out of los angeles for a missing three- year-old. the child and suspect are both
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named cawana howard. the 35-year-old cawana howard took the child after 5:30 this morning. the suspect is 5'2" tall and weighs 205 pounds. the two were last seen near l.a.x. howard was driving a 2004 chevy malibu with the license plate number 5klf157. players here in the bay area got to do something they had been barred for months. sal castaneda is reporting on what was happening as you were probably just waking up. >> reporter: for the first time in month, the people in the san francisco building could actually respond to that request. joe daily was part of a group of 49ers who were at the team's facility bright and early when the doors opened at 7:00 this morning. >> we got a deal done, happy the way everything went.
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now let's get back to playing football. >> being able to finally get with the coaches and start working toward our season and getting readty is very exciting. >> reporter: second round draft pick collin kaepernick may be one of the ones with the most to learn. veteran alex smith was also in attendance today but is a free agent. and can't sign a contract until friday at the earlier. as the result of the new collective bargaining agreement, one long football traditional is now gone. players can no longer wear pads twice in the same day. the old grueling two-a-days. that's just fine with linebacker patrick willis. >> i think it's going to allow our bodies to be more fresh. hitting is what i do so any time, any day, i'm all for it. but i am really glad that took that out of there.
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>> reporter: one other immediate offshoot of the new agreement, is the fact that with a 10 year deal now in place, the people who work on the business side of the officer can now set their sides to financing their new stadium. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. after two attacks that killed dozens of people in norway, president obama today personally paid his respects to the people of norway. the president and vice president visited the norwegian embassy in washington. there they spoke with staff and officials and signed a book of condolenceless. many people laid flours at the site. and near a youth camp where dozens of victims were gunned down. 17 people are known dead but police are still searching the island. breivick attorney says his client is calm. >> he is sorry that it was
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necessary, but it was necessary he says. >> under norwegian law, breivick faces life in prison. it's called the eagle fire, it's been burning since last thursday in a rugged and remote area. calfire says it has now burned more than 13,000 acres on the los coyotes indian reservation. firefighters say they have been relying on support. we've been watching that fire at fairfield for hours. let's talk about the health effects here. >> let's go on outside. we have a live camera shot from the fire. as you follow the fire on channel 2 for the last three hour, we've watched it from basically the beginning of the fire to now. you can see it's basically almost out. you still have some hot spots here. you still see some hot smoke
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coming up. but nothing like we saw just a few hours ago when tons of toxic particulate was going into the atmosphere. what we're seeing in this area, you see how that plume is tilting over, there's a little more wind out there. that's good news because it's going to disburse that smoke more efficiently than two hours ago when there was no wind and the smoke turned into a mushroom cloud. it was dropping the heaviest particulate into a neighborhood surrounding the fire. the winds are going to blow this smoke into a more diffused environment. so that's really good news. we'll be following this story more closely. earlier today, a big concern for many with a shelter in place. right now out of fairfield. i have the winds at 9 miles per hour. what will happen in the next two hours is these winds are really going to start to whip out here. as they often do. not 30 to 40 miles per hour as they can. that will make for a big difference for our friends out
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there toward fairfield, vacaville, out toward travis. so, that's where we are with that right now. we'll obviously keep you updated, we saw a couple of cool spots. we've had a warmer day, temperatures a few degrees warmer. we got up toward 90 in some of the valley areas. the forecast tonight is for fog again and a little warmer tomorrow. we're in this weather pattern where we're going to warm up but it's a subtle warm up and this is not a heat wave at all. this is just a subtle warm up into the bay area weekend. when we come back, we'll take a check on the fire and we'll also look at the forecast into the middle of the week. the deadly heat wave at the east coast is shedding light on new research. new evidence that arnold schwarzenegger may be slopping in his pants a bit when it
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comes to his divorce with maria shriver. you're watching video of a hate crime in progress. >> he comes in and punches and hits me in my eye. red light cameras runners caught on camera told not to pay their ticket. and from the cause of this massive fire to the environment impact, we're continuing to work every angle of this developing story. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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tonight the nation is one day closer to hitting the debt ceiling but no closer to a compromise in the debt showdown. democrats and republicans each push their own deficit reduction plan while slamming the other side. >> democrats will not vote for it. it's dead on arrival in the senate. if they get it out of the house. >> we believe the reproposal is not a serious effort to address
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deficit and debt. and should be defeated. >> reporter: the two competing plans both raised the nation's debt ceiling and the government's borrowing ability, they also cut spending but neither increases taxes. however the republican plan would force another debt debate in six months. today house speaker john boehner scrambled enough votes to beat the debt ceiling deadline. the white house has said they will veto that bill. >> we are pushing this to the last minute and that should not be the case. but in the end we believe congress will act appropriately. >> the debate has prompted many to action. especially after the president made this statement yesterday. >> if you want a proposal, let your congress member know. referee: today congress was
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flooded with calls. some of those calls supported democrats, some supported the republican plan, but all demanded an end to the stalemate. the former governor arnold schwarzenegger has withdrawn a request to terminate shiver's request for spousal support. arnold schwarzenegger and shiver's 13-year-old son is out of the hospital after a boogie board accident. christopher schwarzenegger -- as you see live pictures here of that massive fire that has been burning now for almost four hours in fairfield. an alarming sight down the
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road in moraga. what neighbors were thinking when they watched authorities move in and the one possible explanation that did not surprise them.
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it was a stunning sight, visible for miles a thick plume of plaque smoke from thousand -- of black smoke from thousands of agriculture containers. just about an hour ago firefighters were able to get the upper hand and contain the fire. you can see now there's a lot less smoke than there was earlier this afternoon. jana katsuyama is live on the scene now with the latest, jana. >> reporter: frank, just two minutes ago one of the fire officials walked by and i got
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an update from him. you can see there's still quite a lot of fire crews here on the scene. although they are he told me just starting to release them. they are doing mop up back there. you can see where the smoke is still kind of filtering up into the air. that's because there is some big globs of plastic, melted plastic that are out there in that yard. they are mopping those up and trying to keep those from flairing up again. in just the past half hour we learned that three firefighters had minor injuries, they were treated here at the scene. not taken to the hospital. so we understand that those were the only injuries here. but the fire marshal tells us that this fire spanned about five to 10 acres. >> fairfield fire crews say the first calls came in at about one 1:00 in the afternoon. huge stacks of agricultural bins had caught on fire. about 20 do 1,000 bins by one
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workers estimates. >> they are a carbon hydrogen based product. it's a petroleum product. it's the same visual effect as if you were seeing an oil fire. that very intention heat, very thick dark black smoke. >> reporter: the six alarm fire drew crews from every district to solano county. crews from travis air force base also responded. >> what kind of chemicals are in the air, we're expecting whatever is burning there, particulates. >> we make plastic bins for the agricultural industry primarily to harvest different agriculture products and also for commercial products. >> reporter: we understand that macro plastic plant uses polyetholene. air quality teams are testing to see what chemicals were released into the air. the plant manager told me they
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usually have about 45 people in here. thankfully all of them got out. but there's still a question as to what caused this fire, they are looking into that right now. but they plan to be here through the night to make sure this fire does not flair up again. reporting live in fairfield, i'm jana katsuyama. from jana's live picture and from our own ktvu, you can see this fire is for the most part under control. 45 employees inside that macro plastics plant had to be evacuated. firefighters contained the fire to the storage yard and a near by field. at this point we don't have any word of any injuries and as jana said, fire crews remain on the scene. there's still a lot of smoke coming from it and it looks like they're going to be there throughout the night. ktvu reporter john saski was on the benetia bridge when this fire broke out. john it's actually your day off but you jumped in. tell us what it was like in
5:32 pm
those first few moments when you first got there. >> reporter: let me tell you, i first got here after coming over the benicia bridge. i saw the big smoke plume. as i got closer it became clear that something was going on here. i didn't intend to be here but when you see something this big as a news person you just have to stop. as i got close i really started to become concerned because of the fact they were so close to travis air force base and this plume of smoke was going up so big. it really could have been very easily a plane crash and we were hoping that certainly that wasn't it and that was not it. but then, as you can take a look back there, you can see right now that some of the flames are still going. some of those plastic containers are still burning up. but you also see some water being put on it by one of the fire crews back there. so this does still continue to burn. but i got to tell you, all day the entire time i've been here it's reminded me of san bruno, the big fire last september 9th when that big pipeline burst and was shooting flames into
5:33 pm
the sky. that's exactly what was happening here for literally hours. now i was lucky enough to get in early before they started to kick people out of certain area, and at one point i was about 100 yards away from the fire. and i took some pictures and i sent them in. and we were able to put some of those on tv right now. show you the pictures i caught from that close really shows you that the magnitude of this fire how big it was, the flames were shooting 100, maybe 150 feet in the air. just enormous, enormous amounts of fuel burning there because these plastic containers they are as i understand it about four by four by two. they were stacked close to 20 feet high and those things were just going. group of the containers after group after group and just shooting those flames up in the sky. i also as i said, from that angle i was able to see that it was those containers from the street you really couldn't tell what exactly was burning.
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and of course, there was just absolutely a lot of smoke. now taking a look from news chopper 2. i have them just above us right now. you can see now the smoke has settled down quite a bit because the fire is close to out. i spoke to the city manager here at fairfield and excuse me the fire chief and they said they were just going to try to contain it. to what was burning at that point. and try to prevent it from spreading to any of the buildings. fortunately there's a big open field as you can see back here on the ground. there's nothing here to burn. though some of the flames did spread into the grassland. there is some charred grass over there. and i saw firefighters putting out the grass. nothing over here, these buildings were not affected. and the building at the plastic plant was not damaged either.
5:35 pm
it was hot, it was big, this absolutely enormous sort of thing. i want to show you one last thing. that is, i was here long enough that when i got back to my car to get something, i noticed that there was a lot of stuff all over the top of my car and this is it right here. if you can take a look at that rick. that's the stuff that was coming down after this fire. this is ash, this is you know pieces of partly burned plastic, that's what is coming down from this fire. and there's still a huge cloud of smoke so this is going to be coming down for a while. live in fairfield, i'm john sasaki. keep in mind we have continuing coverage throughout this newscast. you can also go to our website as well. there we posted shots from the fire scene. we also have dramatic pictures from our news crew on the scene. we showed you these dramatic pictures at the top of
5:36 pm
our newscast of heavily armed officers deploying for a search. the massive response caught a lot of people who live in moraga completely off guard. eric rasmussen is there now where he talked to some of the homeowners who watched it all unfold. >> reporter: some told me it was crazy, others said it was scary. the wilderness that people out here enjoy also made good cover for people with high powered gunnings. this is the scene that people are used to seeing out here in moraga, not officers with high capacity rifles. >> it's like something you see out of a movie. >> reporter: a parks officer came under heavy fire and called for help. >> we were kind of worried because we do spent a lot of time out in the open space, we
5:37 pm
go running every morning and hiking so we were concerned. >> i've never seen so many policemen in my life in moraga. i've never seen anything like it, i was shocked. >> reporter: she never expected to see something quite like this, she's among those who think the unseen gunmen might have been protecting a secluded marijuana growing operation. >> i'll be honest with you, they grow marijuana all around here. >> that's not a surprise to you? >> no. >> reporter: people who enjoy this area say this is nothing something they are used to seeing and they certainly didn't expect the danger to come from other people back here. moments later a parking worker removed that sign and opened the trail but some say they are still on guard. >> i've seen you know mountain lions and i'm okay with that because they usually run off into the woods. but i always thought they were the biggest threat. i never thought i had to worry about human danger. >> reporter: not everybody we talked to out here is convinced just yet that a drug operation is responsible for all of this.
5:38 pm
they said they'll wait to see what if anything police can discover out here. live in moraga, eric rasmussen. authorities in alaska still have to decide what they are going to do with the bear that attacked several teens. plus why parents are getting a brief break when it comes to a certain vaccination for their children. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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parents who haven't vaccinated their children for whooping cough before school may get a little extra time to do so. all seventh through 12th graders must have proof of a whooping cough before they can return for the fall zest semester -- for the fall semester. governor brown signed legislation to allow schools to return if they get the shots within 30 days. 9,000 people of all ages were infected last year. people who run state community centers are concerned. the move here is about saving money, but ken wayne is live. it's people, the disabled, the elderly who will be paying the
5:42 pm
price. >> reporter: the operator of alzheimer's services of the east bay says she will find a way to keep this particular adult day care center in berkeley open, to keep the gates open but she will be forced to close another center. advocates for adult centers say eliminating the program cost the state more than it saves. >> one day the angels called her. >> reporter: they receive mental stimulation, physical therapy, medical care and much more. they are alzheimer's patients, some far along, others just starting down the road. >> one day i just couldn't find my way home. >> reporter: alan reed is one who relies on the state day care. a program eliminated. funding stops in december. >> we were reimbursed daily, a daily rate of $76.27 from medical to provide services for each of the individuals that come to our program. >> reporter: michelle pope executive director of alzheimer's services of the east bay says she will close one of three centers when funding stops. she doesn't know where her
5:43 pm
clients will go, perhaps to costly nurses homes. >> i know it's going to cost the state more money. because some families are saying we will just take mom to the emergency room and leave her. >> i don't believe that. >> reporter: the governor says the state can't afford the program. and that adults will be sent to other programs. >> everybody will be taken care of, that's our commitment. >> reporter: but others say those other programs are not available. >> some people will have to serve them to yellow county in order to find a medi-cal bed. >> reporter: the only reprieve may be in the courts. funding and time is running out. in berkeley, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in alaska said they have no plans to try and hunt down that bear that mauled a group of teenager over the
5:44 pm
weekend. biologists say the bear should be left alone because it was probably like this one, a mother bear trying to protect its cubs. among the group, was victor martin. >> i kicked him dead up in his face. like right in the middle. bow, kicked him. he was done after that. k. o. you don't mess with me. i was scared but still, where i'm from we don't play that. >> another one of the injured teens says he never saw a cub during the attack. attorneys are turning to technology. how a state of the art system says the system is making children feel safer in the neighborhood. and temperatures are on the increase. i'll tell you how warm the temperatures will be in your neighborhood tomorrow. new at 6:00, you're watching video of a hate crime in progress. >> he comes in and punches and
5:45 pm
you just see my head roll back. >> only on 2, the pictures police are using to catch the suspect. >> also red light cameras caught on camera told not to pay their tickets. we're asking if the surprised decision could have a ripple effect here in the bay area. from the cause of this massive fire to the environment impact. we're continuing to cover every angle of this developing story tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. what does home feel like? it's in the smiles of deserving americans who see their old homes rebuilt and communities restored. share the feeling of home.
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live pictures here from news chopper 2 of the situation there in fairfield at that plastic plant where a massive fire broke out around 1:30 this afternoon. it has been burning ever since but in the past hour or so there were really able to contain that fire. and it is not nearly as bad as it was earlier this afternoon. we are working to learn more about the fire and also the fall out from this fire. we will have that complete coverage coming up on the news at six clock. many of us have become accustomed to surveillance camera pretty much everywhere we go: a level designed to keep the bad guys in one of the
5:48 pm
regions most troubled cities on the run and also keep children safe when they're away from home. maureen naylor tonight with our special report. >> reporter: just two years ago this school was abandoned. used as a warehouse for the school district and a target for vandals in this toppled down west oakland neighborhood. today it's spanking clean, filled with high tech equipment and punctuated by the delightful sounds of children playing. when the old cole elementary school reopened for a summer camp, 40 people showed up. this year it had more than 90. oakland police chief said oakland is a main resource. >> here is a great opportunity to make some community improvements. >> reporter: outside on if once bare and broken asphalt parking lot, the warriors have built a shiny new basketball court. and the oakland a's are
5:49 pm
preparing a pint sized baseball diamond for children. a lot filled with garbage is now a lot filled with play equipment. volunteers are teaching reading, leadership and a different perspective about police. >> i think that anything we can do to keep kids safe in each parent's mind is a win. >> reporter: this is now headquarters for the school police and the nerve center for a surveillance system. cameras that are on and recorded every day all the time. >> burglary. >> the cameras are key, they are also a deterrent to criminals who destroy and kill and pose a threat to children. they are few reliable statistics on how oakland school rates compare to other school districts. but crime around oakland schools is usually just outside the grounds.
5:50 pm
maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. julie haener is in the newsroom right now with some of the stories we're working on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> drivers are being told don't bother paying the ticket. red light cameras are causing more headaches than help in some cities. the split even among law enforcement about the benefits. san francisco police say this brief video shows a hate crime in action. the confrontation that escalated into punches being thrown during a gay pride party. julie, thank you. we're also staying on top of that developing news out in fairfield. that fire was going for hours now, there's still the concern about all that smoke. >> as we go outside, there's a camera in the area. the winds have been light out there most of the day but within the last hour or so the winds have begun to kick up a little more. and that major plume, that dark
5:51 pm
cloud that had been hovering is beginning to move off rapidly off into the bay area and it's disbursing. that's good news after hours of flames produces smoke. and we will come back and update the latest on the fairfield fire at the plastic factory there. temperatures today they were on the mild side. a little warmer. plenty of fog out there right now in the avenues of san francisco. as you go into the forecast mode tonight the fog and low clouds are coming back into your neighborhood about where they were last night. there was not a lot of coverage last night but if you had it this morning you will have it again tomorrow morning. the general trend is for a slight warm up. tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m., a little bit more than we had today but a rapid burn off tomorrow. temperatures go back into the mid-80s in the warm spots. high pressure sets up a little stronger than it has. as we head for this warm up.
5:52 pm
it's not a heat wave, we're not looking at records, we're not looking at major fire danger. we're just looking at a warm up. so forecast highs tomorrow. there's that 90 in fairfield. 90 out there in antioch, a little warmer, a little closer to average what you would expect this time of year. these temperatures when you look at a five day forecast are going to continue to increase as you go into the bay area toward the end of the week. your five day forecast, with your weekend always in view you see right here, we have some low 90s popping up. of course today's fire really wasn't about the weather. the weather was actually slightly hopeful because it was cool and moist out there. but fire danger will come up a bit. federal officials are calling it a wake up call. the new campaign they're working on that could save a child's life. it is so simple to prevent but even so it keeps on happening.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
that heat wave that has blanketed the country has brought up concerns about children that have been left to die. >> this in particular is a trend and problem that needs a will the of action, a lot of attention right now. >> reporter: the national highway patrol had an emergency
5:56 pm
session to send a message out. do not leave a child in the car alone. 21 children have died already this summer after they were left in a car. one victim was 1-year-old sophie cavelero in texas who's grieving mother came to the meeting today. sophie was left in if car because of a mix up. >> we think of her every day, constantly we look at her picture every day. we look at her videos and it's really the only thing we have left of her now. >> reporter: california is in the top five states for those fatalities with 36 children dying in a hot car over the past 14 years. the good news is there have been no deaths so far this summer. over the next few weeks, u.s. highway safety officials will be stepping up their safety campaign in states hit hardest. they'll be meeting with parents, car experts, law enforcement and others to find
5:57 pm
the best ways to prevent more tragedies from happening. coming up in just 90 seconds. >> a warning today from scientists and why this body of water may be key to your survival. that story still ahead. also we've been on this story all afternoon for you, news chopper 2 right above a plastic plant in fairfield, we're getting word into our newsroom right now about what might have sparked all those flameless. -- sparked all those flames.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
it's sent an inferno of flames and black smoke over the skies in fairfield. we were the first to show you this fire, now we are just getting word of a possible cause. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. news chopper 2 is over the scene live where smoke and patches of flames are simmering now. we have team coverage tonight. we begin with tom vacar on the ground. we are just hearing about the possible cause, tom -- >> reporter: the fire marshal just told ktvu that the possible if not probable cause of the fire were some workers working in this field of
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